8 Original Marriage Proposals

Every step of your wedding matters, including the very first one: the wedding proposal! Internet is full of original proposal ideas so I’ve selected for you the best ones…which are also budget friendly!

1) The Chocolate Idea
Buy a box of your girlfriend’s favourite chocolates and place the ring in the box!

2) Gather some close relatives and ask each of them to wear a T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase “Will you marry me?” Then suggest a group photo and wait for a “yes”!

3) If in Autumn, organise a pumpkin carving competition between you and your girlfriend and carve “Marry me” into your pumpkin!

4) Create a personalized fortune cookie with your proposal message inside.

5) Ask your local baker to make a cake with the proposal written in frosting or chocolate sauce. Have it displayed in the shop window and suggest to your girlfirend a little walk to the bakery.

6) Propose a walk in your garden and surprise her with a ring hanging from a tree branch.

7) Stick glow-in-the dark letters onto the ceiling and wait for the night, when all the lights will be switched off…

8) Ask Ben & Jerry to help you…offer your girlfriend an icecream, and let her marvel at this special one!