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The 10 Best French Wedding Venues in Provence and on the French Riviera


At Chateau Bee, we do much more than listing French wedding venues: we specialise in handpicking the very best wedding venues in France, saving you all the leg work! By browsing our Selection, you are sure to come across the “crème de la crème” of the wedding venues in France as we visited all the venues on our site and can vouch for them.

From our travels, here is our pick for you of the 10 best French wedding venues in Provence and French Riviera. Each is charming in its own ways, so they are not in any order of preference…

Chateau d’Argent

What we love: its versatility with many different spaces for the different moments of your big day; the wow factor on arrival with the chateau at the end of a long drive peppered with palm trees, vines and lavender bushes.

From €9,500 for 1 day, 1 night

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Photo credit: Dominique Bader

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♥ Chateau Fontaine

What we love: its luxury! Chateau Fontaine is the ultimate venue for a wedding that oozes opulence and French classic style.

From €30,000 for 3 nights, 4 days

french wedding venue Provence chateau-wedding-venue-france

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Chateau Fontaine


Chateau des Lavandes

What we love: the Renaissance style of the chateau with its honey coloured stones and sky grey shutters; its “jardins à la française” with its seamless Le Nôtre like design and a long cypress-lined alley.

From €36,250 from Friday 5pm to Sunday 6pm

chateau-luberon-wedding-venue-france wedding chateau Provence

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Chateau des Lavandes


 Chateau Duchesse

What we love: its wow factor! This wedding venue has both exceptional grounds and superb interiors. The icing on top is supplied by the amazing views of the Alpilles mountains!

From €45,000 for 3 nights

best chateau Provence best French wedding venue

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Chateau Duchesse


♥ Domaine de Canaille

What we love: its unbeatable views and seaside chic! This luxury villa combines classic and contemporary styles against the backdrop of the turquoise Mediterranean sea. Plus it sits on 150 acres of land that provide complete privacy for your wedding day.

From €25,000 for 4 nights

riviera french-wedding-venue-south-france sea french wedding venue south france

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Domaine de Canaille


♥ La Bastide des Terres

What we love: its incredible style! La Bastide des Terres overflows with designer’s flair. Walls carry grand mirrors, classic paintings and curated pieces of modern art, making each room “très chic”. The grounds are equally stunning and provide wonderful views over the Drome countryside.

From €20,200 for 2 nights, 3 days

Bastide-wedding-venue-provence french-wedding-venue-provence

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La Bastide des Terres



♥ Le Grand Banc

What we love: its boho-chic vibe! The property is an exclusive address that has always been a unique place of entertainment and mingling, where you would come across many celebrities. Plus it offers panoramic views of the Lubéron National Park.

From £21,000 for an inclusive 3 night package

grand-banc-french wedding-venue-south-france grand-banc-wedding-venue-provence

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Le Grand Banc


♥ Mas de So

What we love: its authenticity and innovative architecture. The beautiful stone Mas is surrounded by vineyards and gorgeous gardens. On the grounds you’ll also find an incredible orangerie: a 540m² hall that looks like a modern cathedral of glass and wrought iron.

From €18,000 for 1 night, 2 days

mas-de so-french wedding venue Provence mas de so wedding venue south France

Photos credit: Don + Helen

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Mas de So


♥ La Ferme

What we love: its Mediterranean feel! This typical Provence Bastide has pastel green shutters, olive groves all around and panoramic views over Grasse. Plus it is  perfectly suited to intimate weddings.

From 10,000€ for 3 nights

cote d azur wedding venue laferme wedding venue-nice-La-Ferme

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La Ferme


The Provençal Monastery

What we love: the estate oozes peace and beauty; plus the Monastery offers a great sleeping capacity, with beds for up to 80 people! Finally it is located in one of the most beautiful villages of France in classic Provence.

From 13,000€ for 1 night/2 days (includes the wedding planning)

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Credit photo: Anaïs Bizet and Karol R

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Best weddings venues in Provence and French Riviera by Ingrid Chavez
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