Fog and Rain on a winter day: how to make the most of it

Today I thought I would write about…weather conditions!

The greatest fear of every bride and groom is probably to be faced with a poor weather on their wedding day.

However, with a good photographer and some accessories (such as colourful boots and umbrellas matching your colour theme), you can certainly turn these at your advantage.
Plus, as the French popular saying says: “mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux!” (rainy wedding, happy wedding!”).

In this first shooting, I absolutely love the fact they combined very elegant elements to a more edgy decorum with barbed wire, broken glasses, rustic wood furniture. The winter colours in shades of grey, pale green and pale pink and the vintage features (lace, old books…) works beautifully and the whole scenography makes the pictures totally unique.

Here are some pictures of wonderful weddings under the rain…where you can see that having rain on a wedding day can be really cool!

Picture by Nick Despres




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