Special Wedding Offer 2019

Fancy an Escape to the Chateau Wedding?

SPECIAL OFFER: A once in a lifetime opportunity to have your wedding at Chateau de Brives in Charentes in the South of France AND for you to be featured in Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau DIY!

Your French wedding would have to be for this September or October 2019 and they are offering a great discount to their usual wedding package for this special event.

This offer is for one couple only on a first come, first served basis.

The Chateau

This beautiful 1823 chateau has been lovingly restored and renovated and now offers sublime accommodation, including the bridal suite and a further 3 ensuite double bedrooms for the bridal party.

It stands within its own stunning park and has a swimming pool, partly enclosed by stone outbuildings that were once used to store Cognac. A pretty 19th century church sits opposite, with direct access to the chateau.

More information or to apply

For more information or to apply please contact [email protected]


Chateau de Brives was built in 1823 in a muted French neo-classical design

Chateau Brives

You have many stylish options for your carriage to your French wedding

Escape to the Chateau

The beautifully restored bridal suite

Chateau bridal suite

The cascading spiral staircase with certainly give you an impressive entrance.

Escape to the chateau offer

They even have their own Cognac!

Cognac wedding

Photography by Katy Lunsford

For more information or to apply to have your wedding at Chateau de Brives please contact [email protected]

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