How to use Mason Jars in the best way

If you have been following wedding blogs and magazines in the last months, you probably noticed the abundance of articles and photos about mason jars…so YES mason jars are super cool, and can be used in various ways. Here is for you a selection of ideas on how to use mason jars and some tips to make the most of it…

As a little history, Mason jars were created by a New Jersey-born son of Scottish farmer, John Landis Mason, in 1858, revolutionising the home-food world as home cooks could then preserve their food easily. However Mason never really believed in the success of his jars and soon sold his patent. A few years later, the Ball Brothers got hold of the patent and started mass-producing the now super trendy jar.

~ Mason Jars as glasses

This is a very trendy way to use mason jars. Use some pint size jars, with handles preferably, and for more personalisation, add chalkboard stickers or a kraft label on each jar.
My advice: don’t forget to add a sign to encourage people to use it and, above all, to take it home, as you don’t want to be left with hundreds of jars at the end of your wedding!


To complete the look, get a dispenser, like the Lakeland dispenser.

~ Mason jars as centrepieces

Mason jars can be used as really pretty vases, for wild and country flowers. For more impact, use jars of different sizes (quart and pint size jars); to save money, you can also add some other glassware like jam jars or even some milk bottles.
Depending on your wedding theme, you could also ornate your jars with lace or burlap.

If you have a beachy theme, I also love the painted and distressed blue jars.
It is difficult to find these types of jars in France and UK but you can always do them yourself.
Find a tutorial here.

~ Mason jars for lighting

You can order some lamps made of jars on Etsy but also create them if you feel like doing some DIY.
You can also simply use hanging jars and put some sand and candles in it.

~ Hanging jars

If you order in bulk some jars (which I really recommend if you want to keep costs down), you might want to use some for the ceremony alley.

If the jars you ordered are not hanging ones, no panic, just do some DIY. Find a tutorial here below:


YouTube video