I love Glamping!

I love this new trend of camping in unusual spaces such as yurts, tree houses, transparent bubbles hanging from tree branches, gipsy caravans etc…
My husband and I have spent a couple of weekends in these magical places…they are like a child’s dream, an earthy heaven and we, at The Chateau Bee, have come up with plenty of ideas for a Glamping Inspired Wedding!

First, the setting: you need to find an unspoiled area filled with nature, tree houses and tents to be able to host most of your guests.
Make the most of the oustide and the trees in particular: have your ceremony around a big tree or make the forest your cathedral; make use of natural materials, hang some lamps and origami bird garlands from the trees.

You can put some rugs on the floor and set up wooden benches with colourful cushions.

You could also consider a “chic pic nic” with simple, yet tasty food: fromage, pain complet, vin…who needs more?

Plan some games, hang some frames from the trees: that will be your photo booth!

For the flowers, make it playful and follow the seasons! Either go for meadow-style flowers with bright colourful hues such as red poppies, pink dahlias, sunflowers, daisies… or opt for earthy flowers: white and green hydrangea, mossy greens, Putumayo carnations, white sweet peas, etc…

I have selected for you a few pictures. Next week I will post some pictures of French “Glamping Venues” where you could possibly have a Glamping wedding.

Source: Un Beau Jour, The Knot, Pinterest