Mexican themed wedding

I love this idea of a Mexican themed wedding: fist because it reminds me of my Mexican origins but also because it means bright colours, great party, family, music, incredible food and… tequila!

I have compiled for you some of the best ideas you can find for a Mexican themed wedding…

First, the dress. If you want to be original, why not going for an embroidered dress?
This one from the Australian designer Kitsch Bitsch would be perfect as it combines a fresh and modern design to mexican-like embroidery.


Mexconnnect dress seen here

You could also go for a Frida Kahlo style with pulled hair and a crown of large flowers. Some inspiration from this absolutely gorgeous photoshoot photographed by Ginny Marsh

A ceremony in the fields would lend itself perfectly to a Mexican wedding and you could ornament your arch of bright fresh colourful flowers or even big paper flowers, just like here:

Then, the table decoration and the overall look: dare to be colourful! Mix turquoise and fuchsia, red and bright yellow, deep purple and vivid green. A great idea is to buy a lot of coloured-glass mason jars and bottles and place colourful flowers in it. You could also simply spread some crystal glasses on the table and add big and dark red roses in it for a more Spanish look.
With the tablecloth, you can opt for a bright plain colour or a material with colourful patterns; if not, a white or even a lace tablecloth could also beautifully emphasise the colours of your decorative elements.

I also very much like the idea of combining bright colourful flowers with succulent plants.

The Cake, AH! Here again you could really explore the colourful side and even add some skull patterns to it (skulls? Ok, maybe a bit extreme for a wedding but it’s typical of the Mexican culture.)

Here is a picture I really like: even though it is more a Spanish-looking cake, I think it would be brilliant for a Mexican themed wedding:

Finally for the entertainment, a mariachi band would be a classic, but I aslo like the idea of offering maracas to your guests for some kind of interactive performance…