Night Ceremonies

I very much love the idea of a wedding ceremony that would take place during the night/the evening, in a Midsummer Night’s Dream fashion.

I recently visited a wonderful venue that looked a lot like a hobbit enchanted village, overlooking a forest in Brittany. With its little stone houses and wonderful nature around, I was expecting to see elves coming out of every corner!

This venue also has a circular garden that would lend itself perfectly to ceremonies. In particular, I could imagine how nice and bewitching it would look during an evening/night, with some little fairy lights and candles on the path leading to it.

Ceremonies at night are pretty rare (I have never attended one myself) but I believe they can be particularly dream-like and make your event stand out. To go out with a bang, you could also consider to end your ceremony with Chinese lanterns to illuminate the sky.

To enjoy some daylight too, you could simply have the cocktail (nibbles and drinks) before the ceremony.

As an alternative you could also choose to have you ceremony during what photographers call “L’heure bleue” i.e. around sunset time, a special moment during which photographers can capture the wonderful blue light of the sky and do not need flash. It is known to be an ideal moment, an “instant magique” for taking pictures.

I have compiled for you a series of pictures about wedding ceremonies at night time…