If you are after an authentic Mediterranean feel for your wedding, then the areas of Aude, Hérault and Gard (previously part of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and now included in the super-region Occitanie) will be perfect for you. This area is an excellent option for couples who want to get married by the Mediterranean Sea and yet enjoy places that are still fairly untouched by mass tourism.
Here is a quick guide of these three areas:
Le Gard

Whether you’re passionate about the sea, the mountains or the fiestas, Le Gard département is right for you!

In Gard, you will find picturesque towns such as Nîmes with its bullfighting traditions and Roman amphitheatre, but also a multitude of French traditional and lively villages.

If you like mountains, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the fabulous Cevennes.

Le Gard possesses some UNESCO sites, such as the famous Pont du Gard.

This part of France is also home to the natural park of Camargue. Lying on marshes, La Camargue is wild and untamed. There you can observe wild white horses and black bulls, flamingos, eagles…it is perfect for nature lovers!

Airports: Nîmes, Marseille

Land of History and tourism, L’ Aude is an area we particularly like, as you find there Mediterranean beaches but also mountain landscapes, dramatic looking Cathar chateaux and famous UNESCO sites such as La Cité de Carcassonne and le Canal du Midi.


L’Hérault is a special destination for weddings as its features long sandy beaches, cities with a rich heritage such as Montpellier, Pézenas and Lodève and beautiful villages in the inland countryside.

We also particularly like the Salagou Lake, a striking turquoise lake framed by red soil hills. This area, still unknown, has much to offer to those who like to be off the beaten track.

Airports: Montpellier, Beziers


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