Romantic Hairstyles


To introduce my new post about hairstyles, I chose a picture of the famous, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, whose paintings and personality have always fascinated me.

Today indeed, I’d like to talk about romantic hairstyles, braids and crowns of flowers which, in combination with a white wedding dress, have the power to create magic!

In France, many hair dressers will automatically assume that you are after a traditional hairstyle for your wedding: pulled hair, big tidy bun or constrained curls, pearls or diamond-like ornaments and a lot of hairspray!

Personally, I have never been to keen on these sorts of hairstyles: they are a bit too “stiff” for my liking and not necessarily flattering.

I much prefer romantic hairstyles: for instance loose buns with braids, loose hair with natural looking waves and/or crown of flowers simply put at the top of the head…

If your hair is too short you could easily add some extensions or ask your hairdresser to do that for you.

Here are different pictures of hair dos I find quite inspiring.


I love everything about this hairdo: the braids gathered on the top of the head, the delicate flower crown, the strands of hair on the sides, and the fringe!


I also like this low and loose bun with a braided crown weaved with natural flowers.

Finally, for updos, I really like this bun, which is more “structured” but wild at the same time with these magnificent flowers at the back, matching the bridal bouquet.
I absolutely love this untidy side braid with flowers on one side only.
This one is probably one of my favourite: a natural and original headband, matching perfectly the wonderful dress.
I also like this braid on long bangs with just a flower on the side. I find it suits better oval and thin faces rather than round faces.
Finally, I can’t resist showing you this splendid head piece (and wonderful matching bouquet) – complementing well a simple, diaphanous dress.
A bientôt!