Alternatives to candy bars

I do love candy bars, they are colorful and add another personal touch to your wedding…but if you are anti-candies or want something a bit more original, there are many alternatives you could consider…

Here is a first selection of alternative bars:

1) A Vegetable and Fruit Bar
Not only it is healthy, but it can also be beautifully done, with fruits and vegetables matching the colour theme of your wedding:

2) A Waffle Bar
Be cheeky and offer all sorts of delicious toppings: chocolate sauce, syrups, whipped cream, chantilly, nuts, fruits, ice creams etc…

3) What I have never seen at a wedding but which could be a very good idea for a wedding in Provence: an olive bar, or an olive oil tasting point…Colourful, savoury and the smell is divine!

4) For a Mexican touch or Mexican theme: a tequila bar but remember to go for premium quality tequila…! Also, it is better to have this one at the end of your meal rather than during your cocktail/ “vin d’honneur”, otherwise things might get a bit chaotic..!

5) Easy to set up and budget friendly: a pop corn bar…I love the rustic, cowboy tang of this one!