Haute-Vienne & Limoges Wedding Venues

Haute-Vienne, whose capital is Limoges, is a picturesque department nestled in the heart of France. It is a hidden gem that offers a romantic and enchanting backdrop for destination weddings in France. Discover our Limoges Wedding Venues below.

With its lush countryside, charming villages, and rich historical heritage, Haute-Vienne exudes timeless elegance and offers a unique setting for couples looking to tie the knot in a truly unforgettable way.

Moreover, the warm and welcoming local culture, along with the ease of access via Limoges International Airport, makes Haute-Vienne a convenient destination for couples and their guests. There is also a fast train that connects Paris to Limoges in about 3 hours.

The historic and buzzing town of Limoges is renowned for its porcelain, medieval architecture and trendy boutiques. Bordeaux is also close by.

Airports: Limoges, Bordeaux

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