Toulouse and Gers wedding venues

Gers is an area of France located on the west side of Toulouse, France’s fourth-largest metropolis. We have criss-crossed this region to find the best Gers and Toulouse wedding venues, from classic Renaissance castles to contemporary chateaux, country farmhouses and entire villages!

Its pink and ochre brick churches and buildings earned Toulouse the nickname ‘La Ville Rose’ (The Pink City). The Vieux Quartier (Old Quarter) is enchanting with its pretty coral facades and shops. As a whole, Toulouse is packed with art, historic landmarks, restaurants and night life places. More information on Toulouse here.

On the the west side of Toulouse, look forward to spending time in the Gers, the land of d’Artagnan and definitely the place to be for food lovers: there you’ll be able to sample a number of delicious specialities, such as Armagnac, foie gras, duck or goose confit, farm-bred chicken and white garlic from Lomagne. You’ll also find there impressive fortified towns, such as Cologne.

Airports in/near Gers: Toulouse, Castres, Brive, Agen

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Photos kindly provided by Collection Tourisme Gets/CDT32/S.