French Alps wedding venues

Ingrid, the Chateau Bee’s co-founder, spent a lot of her childhood in the Alps and knows how stunning this area is. This is why the Bees have always been keen to unearth French Alps wedding venues.

The French Alps is the ultimate wedding destination for nature lovers, offering some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Europe, with dramatic looking mountains and crystal-clear blue lakes. In our selection you’ll find the best French Alps wedding locations, from Chamonix to Grenoble.

The “Pays de Savoie” in particular is a region of the French Alps that offers both incredible sceneries and cultural sightseeing. Mainly known for its mountains (Le Mont Blanc) and its cheeses (Reblochon, Raclette, Tomme…), it also features some buzzing and romantic cities such as Chambéry and Annecy, ” the Venice of France”. More information on Savoie Mont Blanc Tourism.

Closest airports: Geneva, Chambery

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Photo credit: Damien Robin, Tim Arnold, ben o’bro, Damien ROCHETTE, Maddi Bazzocco, Martino Grua, Hugo Coulbouée on Unsplash