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Live bands for weddings in France

If you want your wedding in France to be unforgettable, music is a key element to focus on. Besides finding a DJ that will make your guests dance and party until the early hours of the morning, we would also recommend you consider hiring a band or a duo/trio of musicians in order to bring some va-va-voom to your event. Whether it is a violonist for your ceremony, a trio of jazz musicians for your cocktail or an all rounder funk/rock band for the start of the ball, live music is always an incredible addition to the wedding day!

However if you’re unfamiliar with the French music scene (which is probably the case if you’re not a French musician!) sourcing the right band for your wedding can be a downright struggle.

This is where LiveTonight comes into play! LiveTonight is a new referencing platform for live music events. Whatever genre of music you’re after for your big day, you will find the rare gem on the platform and you’ll be able to book it directly.

Today, we meet up with Henri Jousse, founder of LiveTonight, and got him to answer some questions for all the brides to be out there looking at getting married in France.

Henri, could you tell more about LiveTonight and how you came to create it?

I’ve lived in London and in Dublin and I loved it. There, you can’t imagine planning an event or a wedding without a live band and I understand why. In France, people aren’t as used to having a live band for an event as in England or Ireland, and that’s a shame. We thought it through with my partners and realized that in France it was difficult to find a music band and to book it. That’s why we created LiveTonight at first : to make it easy for people who plan events to find the perfect band and book it, no matter what the music genre is, the location, the budget or the atmosphere. For the last 6 years, we planned thousands of events and things are starting to change !

Could you explain how your platform can help international clients (and their wedding planner) in the organisation of their wedding in France?

It isn’t easy for French people to find and book musicians without LiveTonight ; it’s therefore even harder when you don’t live in France. International clients are usually keen on having a live band at their wedding. We’re specialised in weddings and so we help many international clients and their wedding planners to source the perfect band for their wedding and have an incredible time.

In terms of praticalities, how long in advance should couples book a band? And could you give a rough bracket of prices?

Usually, the sooner the better if you want to be sure that the band is still available for the wedding, especially if the wedding happens to be on a Saturday night in summer. The usual booking time is around 6 months before D Day and sometimes, we find bands for weddings that are happening a few weeks later. As for the bracket of prices, it starts around 300-350 euros per musician (then 600-700 for a duo, 900-1050 for a trio …). It depends on the band but it can go way higher for some more experienced and sought out bands.

What is the advice you could give to the brides and grooms to be who are currently thinking about the music side of their wedding. In other terms what does a band add to a private event, i.e. is a DJ not enough?

DJs are the easy option : you’ll usually have a DJ anyways as a band cannot play for more than 3 hours. Yet, there’s some soul in live music that you cannot find with a DJ, and what is more important than soul on your wedding day ? Live bands create an unique atmosphere which cannot be matched by a DJ. If you cannot afford it, a DJ can do the job but if you can afford it you should definitely go for it.

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Photo above taken at Chateau Challain

What’s your favourite genre for a wedding band?
I’m a music fan so it’s difficult to choose a genre. I guess it would depend on the moment of the wedding ; I’d go for classical if it’s for the ceremony, jazz for the cocktail and rock’n’roll or funk for the party !

What is your best memory of a live performance at a private event?

I remember a wedding where the best man had created a video for the groom that was shown just before the dancing part started. The video ended with Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Once the video was over, people realized that the music had not stopped and the band appeared : they were playing the song since the beginning and people rushed to the dancefloor and were amazed !

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Live Music at Destination Weddings by Ingrid Chavez
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