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A shimmering Indian chateau wedding

Today, we are sharing with you the elegant, timeless photos and words of wedding photographer, Corrina Tough (AKA Brie and Baguette on Instagram!). Corrina is originally from Australia but now has her home in Tarn and Garonne, in the South of France.
We love her poetic and artistic approach to photography, her way to capture emotions, singular details and fleeting instants onto the camera. With this she is able to turn the ephemeral magic of life into a tangible piece of joie de vivre and a precious heirloom for her clients.
Corrina will talk us through a stunning Indian chateau wedding she documented at Chateau de la Valouze. A fusion of cultures, colours and emotions that is beautifully narrated by Corinna.


Indian wedding france

Capturing vibrancy and tradition

“A classic chateau with an important art pedigree close by to Bordeaux in the South of France sets the perfect scene for a heart felt Indian wedding. In the past, this extraordinary venue once belonged to a family who unearthed and supported many great impressionist artists. Today it is still alive with with an enchanting array of colour and beauty.

Impressive trees flowing in the wind frame the historic Chateau and its grounds. Sights and sounds float across vast gardens; exquisite textiles shimmer as the wedding party of Meera and Mayur celebrate. There are animated sounds of joy, movements and emotion as a cortege of family and friends enjoy ceremonial traditions and a celebration of love; a wonderful scene for a photographer to capture. I think the greats of impressionism would approve.


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The tasteful grandeur and luxurious interior of Chateau de la Valouze provide the perfect setting for the colour and vibrance of Meera and Mayur’s enchanting wedding. The photography brief was to capture the energy and vibrance of Indian tradition unfolding in the setting of this historic and luxurious setting, capturing the overall vision of the day, and the personalities, personal moments and genuine emotions of those celebrating, with a timeless yet creative approach.

It is tempting in such visual splendour to focus on the spectacular nature of such an event, capturing scenes in all the cinematic grandeur and colour-filled vibrance they deserve. Yet in addition to capturing these grand scenes in cinematic style, it was also my vision- and that also of my clients, to seek out the beauty of intimate micro-moments, to preserve the feelings of romance and love, to capture the moment eyes lock and hands touch, the celebration and joy of family and friends, capturing meaningful gestures and moments of culture and ceremony, and preserve the emotion and intensity of human interactions of the day.


Indian wedding

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Immersed in the enchanting colour, visual splendour, emotion and significant history of the venue- this wedding was a dream to photograph. The subtle nuance of overcast light and shade, the fusion of cultures, and the energy and personalities of the beautiful bride and groom and their loved ones all made this day so unique. In telling the visual story of their day, I’ve punctuating Meera and Mayur’s heirloom collection of imagery with key moments captured in black and white, allowing compositions to breathe, drawing the viewer further into the emotion of the day. Emotion, always trumps the spectacular, though, as a photographer, it is wonderful to have both…


Asian wedding france


I hope you enjoy perusing just a few (there are so many!) of my favourite images from this stunning wedding as much as I enjoyed creating them.”

Bisous, Corrina. xx


Asian mariage france

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indian chateau wedding france

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What a magical Indian chateau wedding! A very special thanks to Meera and Mayur and the following wedding professionals, all of whom contributed to the success and beauty of the day: Chateau de la Valouze, Dordogne, Wedding Planner: Julie Croston, Tie the Knot at Marry Me In France, Florist: Angie Steadman at Les Fleur Coupee, Caterer: Robert and Dave at Marry Me In France.

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