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Planning a French Wedding During the Paris Olympics

Embarking on a French wedding during the Paris Olympics? Look no further—this guide is tailored just for you.

Planning a wedding amidst the Olympics brings unique considerations. From venue restrictions to travel logistics, navigating carefully is essential. So let’s dive into everything you need to know and uncover the perfect venues for your special day.

When and where are the 2024 Olympic Games?

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The heart of Paris will dazzle spectators from July 26th to August 11th, 2024, with the Olympic Games, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 28th to September 8th, 2024. The Olympic Torch Relay will commence its journey across the country in May, igniting the excitement on July 14th and 15th, 2024.

Can you still get married in Paris during the Olympics?

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Amidst the Paris Olympics, couples can still say “I do” against the backdrop of the City of Love. However, there are important considerations to keep in mind when planning your French Wedding:

Iconic Landmarks will be Closed to the Public: While exact timings remain uncertain, some of our favourite Parisian sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seine river banks will transform into Olympic arenas. While a spectacular backdrop for the Olympics, this transformation may disappoint couples seeking the ideal wedding backdrop.

Travel Restrictions: Anticipate significant travel disruptions throughout Paris during the Olympic Games. Increased security measures and road closures may impact transportation for wedding guests and vendors.

Increased Costs: With the influx of visitors and heightened demand for services during the Olympics, expect higher costs for accommodation, transportation and wedding expenses.

Considering the above limitations, it might be wiser to avoid choosing a wedding venue that is right in the centre of Paris during the Olympics. However, we have many beautiful venues just outside of Paris offering stress-free celebrations within reach of the Olympic action. Check out our curated list of the Top French wedding venues just outside of Paris here.

Why not consider Olympic sites beyond Paris for your French wedding?

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While the Olympics centre around Paris, the excitement extends far beyond the city limits. Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes, and Marseille host various sporting events. In Marseille, for example, the sailing events take centre stage, offering spectators breathtaking views across the city’s stunning coastal cliffs. So discover some of our favourite French wedding venues in each location below, offering unforgettable Olympic experiences beyond the confines of Paris.

Discovering Nantes: Your Gateway to French Wedding Magic amidst the Olympics

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Nestled in the vibrant city of Nantes lies the renowned La Beaujoire Stadium, one of France’s premier football arenas. Here, up to 40,000 enthusiastic spectators will gather to witness men’s and women’s football matches as part of the 2024 Olympics, adding to the buzz of excitement that runs through the city.

Nantes, beyond its sporting prowess, boasts an array of architectural marvels that captivate visitors and locals alike, reflecting the city’s rich history. From the majestic Château des Ducs de Bretagne to the neo-classical shopping arcade, Passage Pommeraye, Nantes stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of French architecture, blending Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance mansions, and Belle Époque boulevards with a new wave of contemporary art along the fantastic Ligne Verte, a green line painted on the ground that takes you from cultural “must-sees” to little-known artistic treasures.

Therefore, Nantes stands out as the perfect locale for your French wedding amid the Paris Olympics. This picturesque city, with its romantic ambiance and scenic landscapes along the Loire River, provides an enchanting setting for exchanging vows amidst breathtaking natural beauty, while the buzz of excitement during the Olympics adds to its allure.

Chateau Challain: A fairytale French wedding venue just outside Nantes

chateau challain wedding
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Chateau Challain, with its motto “where the fairytales begin,” lives up to its enchanting reputation as one of France’s top wedding venues. Recently acclaimed among the country’s top 10 places to tie the knot, this castle embodies the essence of a perfect fairytale wedding. From its spiral staircase to the intricately carved wood furniture and lavish bedrooms, every corner exudes grandeur. With 365 windows, 52 fireplaces, and 12 turrets, Chateau Challain is undeniably a place where magic thrives. And just 50 minutes from the heart of Nantes, you can catch some Olympic magic too!

Watch the beautiful wedding of Claire and Alex at Chateau Challain

Distance from Nantes: 50 mins

Chateau Fleur Du Ciel: Your Historic French Chateau near Nantes

wedding chateau to hire near nantes
Chateau to rent nantes olympic games

Château Fleur du Ciel, near Nantes, combines medieval, gothic, and Renaissance influences, offering an exquisite wedding venue near the Olympics. The charming chapel sets a romantic tone for intimate affairs, while the stained glass gallery is perfect for dinner receptions. Larger gatherings can be accommodated in the spacious outbuildings, hosting up to 180 guests. With accommodations for about 140 people across charming spaces, including circular bedrooms in the dungeon, guests are treated to a unique experience.

With nearby charming villages and historical sites, including the Japanese gardens of Maulevrier, this venue promises an unforgettable wedding experience not too far from the football in the vibrant city of Nantes.

Watch Fiona and Quentin’s wedding at Chateau Fleur Du Ciel

Distance from Nantes: 1hr

Experience Olympic Excitement in Lyon: The Perfect French Wedding Destination

Lyon, steeped in history and culture, buzzes with Olympic excitement, hosting men’s and women’s football matches in the Lyon Stadium. Plus Lyon is known for its youthful energy and vibrant atmosphere, boasting a dynamic nightlife, a thriving art scene and a superb gastronomy (don’t miss sampling dishes at a “bouchon”, a type of restaurant serving hearty and mouth-watering Lyon food).

Whether exchanging vows against the city’s scenic backdrop, with the majestic Rhône River flowing nearby, or exploring its charming streets adorned with historical landmarks and trendy boutiques, a wedding in Lyon promises an unforgettable experience at the heart of Olympic action. With its blend of tradition, innovation, and excitement, Lyon stands as a perfect choice for couples seeking a wedding infused with the spirit of the games.

Chateau de Maulmont: A Majestic French Wedding Chateau near Lyon

chateau wedding france maulmont
french wedding venue central france

Nestled in the Auvergne countryside, Chateau de Maulmont offers a luxurious wedding amid the Olympics. With its sprawling 22 hectares of parkland offering breathtaking views over the Allier Valley, this chateau exudes charm and elegance at every turn. With accommodation for up to 64 guests across its 16 bedrooms, 3 suites, and 2 apartments, along with nearby lodging options, this chateau offers unparalleled comfort and luxury. Plus, its indoor pool, sauna, helipad, and golf driving range add to its allure. Located close to Lyon, you’ll be close enough for all the football action your heart desires!

Distance from Lyon: around 2 hrs

French Wedding Bliss in Bordeaux: A Dream Wedding during the Paris Olympics

bordeaux wedding during olympic games

Renowned for its rolling vineyards and world-class wine, Bordeaux is the perfect destination for your dream French wedding. The region’s picturesque landscapes, adorned with sprawling vineyards and charming chateaux, provide an idyllic backdrop for couples seeking romance and elegance on their special day.

And if you’re looking for more football action, then look no further. In 2024, the Bordeaux stadium will open its doors to the Olympics, offering an extra dose of excitement to your wedding experience. So why not explore our Top wedding venues in the Bordeaux region, for some fairytale magic and football fun!

Dream French Wedding Destination: Explore Marseille’s Coastal Charms and Olympic Excitement

marseille wedding locations
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Marseille is in the heart of the Provence region of southern France. Therefore it really embodies the essence of a dream French wedding destination, with its coastal charm, lively culture, and stunning landscapes. As the host city for the sailing events of the Paris 2024 Olympics, Marseille adds an extra layer of excitement. With its outstanding sailing conditions and renowned expertise in hosting boat-related events, Marseille is the perfect spot to catch some sailing action.

Picture exchanging vows against the backdrop of Marseille’s azure waters and breathtaking coastal cliffs, blending your wedding with the thrill of Olympic action. It’s the perfect fusion of romance and adventure for your special day!

Introducing Domaine de Canaille: Your French Riviera Wedding Oasis

French Riviera wedding venue canaille
French Riviera sea wedding venue

Tucked away in the serene bay of Cassis, Domaine de Canaille epitomizes the essence of a dreamy coastal wedding venue. With classic and contemporary elegance set against the Mediterranean backdrop, this mansion offers complete privacy across its 150-acre estate. Picture-perfect moments unfold on the front terrace overlooking the sea, followed by a stroll to the secluded beach for unforgettable photos. As evening sets, the panoramic terrace becomes the stage for dinner under the stars. Accommodating up to 26 guests, each room offers ensuite facilities and breathtaking views. And if you’re craving adventure, Marseille’s sailing events are just 45 minutes away, adding a touch of Olympic magic to your Riviera wedding experience.

Distance from Marseille: 45 mins

Chateau d’Argent: Your Fairy Tale French Wedding Venue in Provence

provence during olympic games
provence olympic games paris 2024

Nestled amidst vineyards and the enchanting French Riviera, Chateau d’Argent is a hidden gem waiting to host your dream wedding. Its picturesque setting boasts palm-lined alleys and majestic towers, setting the stage for a magical celebration with loved ones. Surrounded by vineyards, wine enthusiasts will revel in the breathtaking views while soaking in the warm Provencal ambiance of lavender shutters and honey-colored facades. Additionally, it offers 12 luxurious bedrooms for up to 26 guests, along with amenities like a small chapel, tennis court, and helicopter pad, Chateau d’Argent promises an unforgettable wedding experience in Provence. Plus, it’s just an hour away from Marseille, adding a touch of Olympic charm to your Riviera wedding adventure.

Distance from Marseille: 1h10

French Riviera Bliss: Discovering Nice’s Charms

Nice France wedding venues
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Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera, Nice emerges as the quintessential destination for a dreamy French Riviera wedding. Its idyllic landscapes, from the azure Mediterranean Sea to the vibrant streets adorned with pastel-colored buildings, offer the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. Adding to its appeal, the city is hosting both men’s and women’s football matches in the Nice Stadium for the Olympic Games in 2024. With its sustainable design and National Sports Museum, Nice offers a blend of romance and sporting excitement for the perfect French wedding.

La Ferme: An Intimate French Wedding Venue in the French Riviera

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Dreaming of an intimate French wedding nestled in the charm of the French Riviera during the Olympic season? La Ferme, nestled in the hills above Grasse, the renowned Capital of Perfumes, is the perfect setting for your special day. This 18th-century bastide, enveloped by olive groves and boasting panoramic views, exudes timeless elegance. Picture-perfect ceremonies among the olive trees or on the main terrace offer classic Mediterranean vibes, while pre-dinner drinks by the pool and alfresco dining under the stars create unforgettable moments. Plus, with Nice and its football action just under an hour away, you can add a touch of Olympic excitement to your wedding celebration.

Distance from Nice: 38 mins

Chateau les Crostes: French Riviera Wedding Bliss near Nice

Provence chateau to hire
where to rent in provence during olympic games

Discover the essence of Provençal charm at Chateau les Crostes, nestled amidst 220 hectares of vineyards and olive groves—a picturesque setting for your South of France wedding! Just 40 km from St Tropez, this enchanting chateau offers timeless elegance and tranquility. Exchange vows under the shade of olive trees or beside the romantic waterlily lake, then dance under the stars with no last orders to halt the celebration. Plus this venue is conveniently located an hour from Nice and 1.5 hours from Marseille. So you can catch both football and sailing action while reveling in the beauty of Chateau les Crostes.

Distance from Nice: 70 mins

So why not consider Olympic sites beyond of Paris for your perfect French wedding? By doing so, you can bypass the disappointment and travel restrictions associated with Paris while still enjoying some of the Olympic action. These venues offer the epitome of the French wedding experience, blending romance with the excitement of the Olympics in captivating locations across France.

How to make the most of the 2024 Olympic Games during your wedding

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To make the most of the Paris Olympics during your wedding, planning is everything. Consider using this handy tool here to calculate travel times between competition sites. This will ensure you have ample time for both festivities. And why not infuse the Olympic spirit into your celebration with themed décor and activities, promising an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With careful planning, the Paris Olympics can be an unforgettable part of your French Wedding.

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