Best Wedding Locations In and Around Paris

Paris, the City of Love, offers the most enchanting wedding backdrop, making it an idyllic choice for your celebration. With the Summer 2024 Olympics gracing this romantic city, now is the perfect time to plan your dream wedding or intimate elopement.

As you embark on this journey, Chateau Bee will be your ultimate guide to exquisite wedding venues in and around Paris. Our busy bees have diligently curated a list of the crème de la crème, ensuring your Parisian celebration is nothing short of extraordinary. Explore our handpicked, exclusive venues below which will transform your wedding into an everlasting love story.

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Why Paris?


As Paris buzzes with anticipation for the Summer 2024 Olympics, the city unveils itself as an ideal canvas for your wedding day. Its vibrant energy and romantic ambiance offer an unparalleled atmosphere for your special day. Whether you envision a grand affair or an intimate elopement, Paris offers a magical setting where your love story gracefully unfolds. With its cobblestone streets, elegant architecture and iconic landmarks, Paris weaves a timeless backdrop, crafting memories that endure. In Paris, your wedding becomes a masterpiece added to the city’s rich tapestry of history, art, and undying love.

The best wedding locations around Paris

1. Chateau de Bourron: a picture perfect wedding chateau venue near Fontainebleau

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Chateau wedding in France

Discover Chateau de Bourron, a luxurious 16th-century Renaissance château near Fontainebleau, perfect for enchanting weddings and receptions. With moats, expansive gardens, opulent rooms, and rich features, this venue exudes sheer elegance. This venue accommodates up to 37 guests in 15 bedroom, each with a unique story and lavish color scheme, including our favorite, the Récamier, in shades of red, white and gold. The 42-hectare grounds offer diverse outdoor ceremony options, while the magnificent lounges host indoor dining for up to 120 people. Need more space? An additional lounge accommodates 140 guests.

With the owners securing fantastic deals with their preferred suppliers (DJ, photographer, florist, etc.), you’ll be able to have a dreamlike wedding without breaking the bank! Conveniently located just an hour from Paris, Chateau de Bourron promises an unforgettable experience with the welcoming owners ready to guide you on a personal visit.

Travel time to Paris: 1 hour

Capacity: Up to 140 guests

Sleeps: 37

How much does it cost to get married at Chateau de Bourron?
The rental price of the venue starts from €15,000 for 1 night, 2 days and for a wedding of 40 people we would advise you set aside a budget starting at 35 000 euros.

2. Domaine de Verderonne, a romantic wedding venue well suited to large weddings

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domaine verderonne orangerie

Nestled just 45 minutes from Paris, Domaine de Verderonne, a classified “Historic Monument,” offers a breathtaking setting for weddings. With architectural splendor spanning the 16th to 18th centuries, the estate boasts a magnificent barn, theatre, dovecote, and Dutch greenhouse. Chateau Bee HQ adores the greenhouse, perfect for a boho-chic ceremony, while a local church or manicured flower gardens provide alternative blessing venues. The 180sq.m. barn hosts the sit-down meal, followed by a ball in the Louis XVI theatre—each space a visual delight accommodating up to 180 guests!

Travel time to Paris: 45 mins

Capacity: Up to 180 guests with a minimum of 80

Sleeps: 43

Rental price: from €4,200 for 2 days (excluding accommodation)

3. The Ritz Paris, an iconic wedding place to get married in Paris

Photo: Ritz Paris

Experience unparalleled luxury at the world-renowned Ritz in Paris, once home to Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway. With it being recently restored, it stands as the epitome of opulence. Why not opt for an outdoor garden ceremony tailored to your bridal vision, followed by a delightful dinner in le salon Louis XV. With the Ritz’s storied history and exquisite ballrooms, your wedding will be an unforgettable affair for all your guests, a blend of romance and luxury in arguably the most famous hotel in Paris.

Travel time to Paris: none

Capacity: up to 400 people

How much does it cost to get married at The Ritz?

For an intimate wedding of 30 people we would advise to put aside a budget starting at 60 000€. The average price of the room is around €2500/night.

4. Chateau de Vauchelles: a ideal chateau for a fairytale wedding halfway between the UK and Paris

Explore Château de Vauchelles, an enchanting French wedding venue just 1h30 from Paris. Dating back to the 17th century, this chateau exudes the essence of a cherished family estate, ensuring a heartfelt welcome. The venue offers diverse ceremony options, from humanist ceremonies in the flower-filled English garden or the manicured Jardins à la française to Catholic ceremonies in the nearby church. Following this, your grand reception can unfold in the château’s elegant Orangerie, with two splendid reception rooms accommodating up to 300 guests. And you can extend the celebration to the next day! Why not relax on sunbeds and relish in a delightful poolside barbecue.

Accommodation is a breeze with the chateau comfortably housing up to 62 guests on-site, providing 30 stylish and cozy bedrooms. The venue ensures convenient accessibility for international guests, with Calais/the Eurostar and Paris in close proximity. Your celebration at Château de Vauchelles seamlessly combines romance, elegance, and accessibility into a picturesque French setting.

Travel time to Paris: 1.5 hours

Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Sleeps: 62

How much does it cost to rent Chateau de Vauchelles?

It costs from €6,500 from Friday to Sunday (without accommodation)

5. Chateau de Vallery: a Burgundy fairytale chateau, 1h30 away from Paris

chateau de vallery
chateau de vallery paris

Chateau de Vallery, a Renaissance gem located 100km from Paris, is not just a chateau; it’s a journey through time. Built by Pierre Lescot, the architect of the Louvre, this historic venue radiates splendor and celebration. Whether you desire a lavish Versailles-like atmosphere in the Grande Galerie or an intimate affair in the Music Room, the chateau caters to diverse wedding dreams. Additionally, the statues and fountains of the Floating Gardens, an enchanting part of the chateau’s park, provide a unique backdrop for candlelit dinners beneath Burgundy‘s starry skies.

The estate offers 28 on-site rooms and an extra 40 in the nearby village, accommodating up to 150 guests within walking distance. Special mention goes to the Pigeonnier bridal room, France’s largest dovecote, a unique and dazzling bridal suite. With exclusive use for 2 to 3 days and no curfew, Chateau de Vallery is the ideal venue for a weekend celebration near Paris, blending history and festivity seamlessly.

Travel time to Paris: 1.5 hours

Capacity: Up to 500 guests

Sleeps: 56

6. Chateau Mathilde: a Normandy wedding chateau full of character ideally located between Calais and Paris

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French Wedding

Chateau Mathilde offers the quintessential “vie de château” experience, perfect for an unforgettable wedding or intimate elopement. The opulent decor, stunning bedrooms, and enchanting 22-hectare park set the stage for decadent Versailles-like parties or boho-chic affairs. Every corner of Chateau Mathilde is a visual delight, adorned with époque items and lavish features.

You can choose between the lovely chapel or magnificent gardens for the blessing, followed by pre-dinner cocktails in the characterful farmhouse courtyard. And the estate accommodates 45 people on-site, ensuring a warm family welcome to this historic chateau owned by the same family since 1888.

Travel time to Paris: 1.5 hours

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Sleeps: 45

Rental cost: from €7,400 for 3 days, 2 nights

7. Chateau Laborde St Martin: An elegant and sustainable wedding location in the Loire Valley

Discover Chateau Laborde Saint-Martin in the heart of the Loire Valley, just 2 hours from Paris. This 17th-century chateau offers a perfect blend of hospitality, elegance, and sustainability. Marvel at the 600-meter tree-lined “Tapis Vert” serving as a spectacular aisle for your blessing ceremony and exchange vows under an age-old cypress tree or in the charming chapel. And only 400 meters from the Loire River, end the day with a mesmerising sunset.

At Chateau Bee, we particularly love this chateau’s commitment to sustainability. The owners actively implement eco-friendly practices, heating the chateau with a wood boiler, using environmentally conscious cleaning and beauty products, and avoiding pesticides in the park. Opt for Chateau Laborde Saint-Martin—an exceptional wedding location that doesn’t just promise an unforgettable experience but also embraces sustainability.

Travel time to Paris: 2.5 hours

Capacity: Up to 140 guests

Sleeps: 43

Chateau rental price: from €11,000 for 3 days, 2 nights (includes accommodation for 8)

8. Chateau d’Hazeville: a bijou wedding venue in the verdant nature just outside Paris

Photo credit: Studio Fengari

Chateau d’Hazeville is a hidden gem, a gorgeous and welcoming French chateau wedding just outside Paris. Its unique charm lies in its proximity to the French city of love, while being surrounded by an incredible natural environment. Indeed, the chateau is located in the picturesque Vexin area of France, a natural park that features valleys, orchards, limestone hills, meadows, and woods. It is a haven for wildlife and flora, situated near Northwest Paris.

For your wedding dinner, you have the choice of an alfresco setting bathed in the glow of twinkling fairy lights, or the spacious reception rooms, which feature high ceilings, visible beams, pristine white walls, and gleaming floor tiles.

Travel time to Paris: 45 min.

Capacity: Up to 160 guests

Sleeps: 47

Chateau Wedding rental price: from €9,000 for a 1 day privatisation

How about Brittany?

chateau wedding calais

Just a short journey from Paris, Brittany stands out as an ideal wedding location—easily accessible from the city and offering pocket-friendly prices. Hop on the TGV Rennes-Paris, and in under 2 hours, you’ll find yourself in this magical region amid medieval towns, ancient castles, and vibrant festivals. The culinary adventure is equally enchanting, with fresh seafood, delightful crepes, and a sip of the local cider. Coastal vibes, quaint villages, and iconic landmarks like Mont Saint-Michel set the stage for a wedding that’s as affordable as it is unforgettable.

The best wedding locations in Brittany with easy access from Paris

1. Chateau Le Brossay: a historical gem just 30 mins from Rennes

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chateau wedding france cheap

This chateau, a historical monument, is nestled within a vast park next to a pond, surrounded by lush forest. You may even spot some free-roaming horses and ancient menhirs, one of these being more than 4 metres high! For your wedding day, choose between the gardens or the chapel for your blessing. Enjoy reception drinks on the front lawn and head to the sumptuous dining room, comfortably seating 60 guests. Dance the night away with no curfew, and the next day, soak in the joy with a laid-back brunch by the pool.

Beyond the celebration, explore the nearby beaches, Brière Natural Park and the Legendary Forest of Brocéliande. And with this corner of Brittany being only 30 minutes from Rennes, you’ll be within easy assess to Paris.

Travel time to Rennes: 30 mins

Capacity: Up to 173 guests

Sleeps: 52

2. Domaine du Pordor: a boho-chic wedding place perfect for a unique celebration

chateau pordor brittany
chateau wedding venue

Envision your dream wedding at Chateau du Pordor in Brittany, nestled between Rennes and Nantes. This French gem, set against a stunning lake on a 30-hectare estate, offers a romantic boho-chic atmosphere. Picture hydrangeas and wisteria adorning the chateau as guests gather by the lake for a magical ceremony in a tree clearing. Opt for a grand entrance by rowing boat for that extra wow factor. Dance until the early morning, maybe even under a starry sky filled with fireworks. The day after, continue the celebration with a delicious brunch or a crepes festoon with local cider. Accommodating 26 on-site and with owners boasting over 20 years of wedding expertise, Chateau du Pordor promises a unique and unforgettable celebration.

Travel time to Rennes: 45 mins

Capacity: Up to 120 guests

Sleeps: 26

3. Chateau du Grand Val: A secluded, 15th-century chateau near Combourg and Brittany

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french wedding ceremony

Chateau du Grand Val, located near Combourg and Brittany beaches, is a picturesque wedding haven surrounded by rolling hills. Set atop a hill, this secluded domain features a 15th-century chateau and three charming cottages, offering an exclusive setting for your event. We love the fact the wedding reception is set in an 18th-century cider house, accommodating up to 75 guests. English-speaking owners, with 14 years of wedding hosting experience, can assist in making your dream French wedding a reality.

Travel time to Rennes: 30 mins

Capacity: Up to 120 guests

Sleeps: 35

4. Chateau de Josse: a neo-gothic chateau offering bespoke weddings

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chateau wedding

Enchanting in its neo-gothic allure, this quaint retreat allures with tranquility and adaptability. What we love is this chateau can be used as a blank canvas, creating bespoke weddings tailored to your dreams. The chateau also offers great services for its price: exclusive access all weekend, in-house chefs and BBQs or Brittany crêpe festivities to spice things up. Oh, and for the perfect Sunday chill, there’s a pool and tennis court waiting to add a splash of relaxation to your happily-ever-after celebrations!

Travel time to Rennes: 35 mins

Capacity: Up to 140 guests

Sleeps: 40

Can foreign citizens get married in Paris?

The legal requirement is that at least one of you has to reside in France for a minimum of 40 days continuously, immediately preceding the marriage. This must be in the town or city where the marriage is to take place.

That being said it is worth mentioning that in some very special cases, those with property or who have family with property in France have been allowed to marry without having to follow the residency requirement. However this is at the complete discretion of the “Mairie” (town hall) so it can be worth contacting them directly.

What most couples do is sign the legal papers at the registrar of where they live prior to the marriage ceremony and party in France. Keep in mind though that for most of your guests the “real” wedding will be the one in France.

How much does a wedding venue cost in Paris?

A wedding venue in Paris can vary wildly in price due to differences in location, the number of guests and the time of year you choose to marry – summer weddings tend to be more expensive. It will also depend on whether you choose to hire a wedding planner or you opt to plan part of the wedding yourself. Among the venues listed above, Chateau de Josse starts from €6,200 for 2 nights, whilst Chateau de Bourron is €15,000 for one night. Iconic venues like the Ritz will reach tens of thousands.

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, we would recommend exploring our Brittany venues further; still accessible to Paris whilst providing a magical backdrop without breaking the bank.

But for the most accurate and tailored information and pricing, please contact us on 00 44 (0) 1481 234 442, email or use our contact form. We’re here to help you plan your dream wedding in and around Paris.

How much does an elopement cost in Paris?

An elopement in Paris is the best option if you’re fancying something more intimate and cost-effective. Generally, elopements involve fewer guests, minimising expenses on catering, venue size, and decorations. Again, prices vary due to location, services and personal preferences so please feel free to contact us to get the most accurate pricing.

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