Mexican themed wedding

I love this idea of a Mexican themed wedding: fist because it reminds me of my Mexican origins but also because it means bright colours, great party, family, music, incredible food and… tequila! I have compiled for you some of the best ideas you can find for a Mexican themed wedding… First, the dress. If… Read More »

8 Original Marriage Proposals

Every step of your wedding matters, including the very first one: the wedding proposal! Internet is full of original proposal ideas so I’ve selected for you the best ones…which are also budget friendly! 1) The Chocolate Idea Buy a box of your girlfriend’s favourite chocolates and place the ring in the box! Source 2) Gather… Read More »


I have a soft spot for colourful and elegant weddings. This shooting is a good inspiration for those who would like to organise a wedding in these lines. The flowers are superbly arranged and every detail has been carefulle thought through to achieve a bohemian-chic effect. Source: The Sweetest Occasion  

J’aime les Food trucks!

As you might already know, it is a French tradition to have a meal on the day following the wedding: this is called Retour de Noces and it is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your guests in a laid back atmosphere. We, at The Chateau Bee, love to organise country chic picnics… Read More »

The Rise of the Eclair

Eclair is undoubtedly one of my favourites pastry…so I love the idea of having an “Eclair Tower” instead of the traditional Pièce Montée at the end of the wedding meal.The new, trendy and parisian shop “Eclair de Genie” specialises in éclairs. The Eclair Guru, Christophe Adam, concocted some receipes that will make your tastebuds dance…Chocolat… Read More »

Orient Express…A mythic trip

You might have dreamt at some point to take a journey on the mythical Orient Express, to feel like James Bond, Hercule Poirot or a Prince from Istanbul…So why not go for it for your honeymoon? A London-Venice trip will cost you £1190 (2 days/1night) This includes a Brunch with Bellini and a four-course dinner,… Read More »

Love Locks – Les cadenas d’Amour…

Although it stirred controversy over the past few months, Les Cadenas D’Amour du Pont des Arts et du Pont de L’Archeveché (pictured above) are a must-see if you plan a romantic trip to Paris. If you feel drawn to follow the trend, get a padlock, put your initials on it, find a space for your… Read More »

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