Top Sustainable Wedding Venues in France

Dreaming of a Sustainable Wedding in France? Celebrate Love and the Planet with Chateau Bee!

Let’s be honest, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day you’ve likely dreamt about for years, a celebration of love overflowing with joy and the promise of forever. Every detail matters, from the perfect venue to the wedding dress. But amidst the whirlwind of planning, a new priority is taking centre stage: sustainability.

Did you know that the average wedding pumps out a whopping 14.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide? That’s equivalent to five people’s annual emissions! From airplane travel to single-use decorations, many traditional elements contribute to this surprising environmental impact.

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But hold onto your bouquet, because here comes the good news! You can still have your dream wedding while being kind to the planet. At Chateau Bee, we’ve curated a stunning collection of eco-friendly venues across France, allowing you to say “Oui” whilst contributing to a greener future. We’ve got insider tips on how to plan a celebration that’s not just sustainable but sensational. Oh, and let’s not forget about finding THE dress—sustainable style, anyone?

So, are you ready to start planning your dream sustainable wedding? Read on!

Why Sustainable Weddings are the Future

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority for many couples. With climate change being one of the biggest threats facing our planet, it’s no surprise that more lovebirds are eager to tie the knot in a way that’s kinder to the planet. The truth is, traditional weddings can leave a significant carbon footprint but please fear not, planning a sustainable wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming!

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Think of sustainability as a journey, not a destination. Every eco-friendly choice you make, no matter how small, adds up and can make a big impact. At Chateau Bee, we’re committed to supporting you along the journey and helping you plan a sustainable wedding in France. One of the most impactful steps? Choosing a venue that is eco-friendly. This decision sets the tone for your entire wedding, significantly reducing your environmental footprint. So are you ready to take the first step towards a sustainable celebration? Let’s get started.

Top Sustainable Wedding Venues in France

Embark on a journey through France’s most enchanting and eco-conscious wedding venues, handpicked and personally visited by us at Chateau Bee. These exceptional locations prioritise sustainability without compromising an ounce of romance, luxury or elegance. Presented in no particular order, each venue offers a unique charm and commitment to environmental responsibility. From historic chateaux brimming with allure to quaint countryside retreats, discover the ideal setting for your unforgettable eco-friendly celebration. Let’s dive into the magic!

1. La Belle Eco: Sustainable Wedding Bliss in South West France

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green wedding venue france

Dreaming of a romantic, eco-conscious wedding in France? La Belle Eco is your haven! Nestled amidst serene ancient woodlands in the South West, this charming venue offers tranquility, exquisite Art Deco features, and a deep commitment to sustainability.

Imagine saying “Oui” surrounded by nature, enjoying a naturally purified pool, biodiverse permaculture practices and savouring organic, locally-sourced cuisine – all powered by solar panels and cooled by natural ventilation. La Belle Eco minimises its environmental impact while maximising your wedding bliss. Explore further and discover why it’s perfect for your dream eco-friendly celebration!

2. Domaine d’Egenia: Sustainable Elegance in Provence

domaine mariage vaucluse
domaine d'egenia outdoor wedding setting

Provence awaits! Domaine d’Egenia, nestled near Roussillon amidst lavender fields and vineyards, offers a slice of paradise for your eco-friendly wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in the olive grove or rose garden, then celebrating under the stars with no curfew. Sustainable practices like on-site floral arrangements and an organic orchard add an eco-conscious touch to this venue brimming with Provençal charm. Explore Domaine d’Egenia and discover your dream wedding setting!

3. Manoir Lebeau: Sustainable Intimacy Awaits in South West France

Break free from the ordinary and embrace sustainability at Manoir Lebeau! Nestled in the heart of South West France, this charming venue caters to intimate gatherings, prioritising both personalisation and sustainability. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s warm embrace, followed by four blissful days of celebration. Feast on treats crafted using the freshest on-site produce and locally sourced meats. Manoir Lebeau champions sustainability, with solar heating throughout the property. Explore the meticulously renovated spaces, brimming with enchanting courtyards that offer endless personalisation options. Manoir Lebeau beckons as a unique sanctuary, the perfect setting for your dream eco-friendly wedding celebration.

4. Chateau Canet: Sustainable Vineyard Wedding Bliss in South France

outdoor wedding vineyard france
french wedding chateau canet

Nestled amidst vineyards and olive groves in the South of France, the enchanting Chateau Canet offers a breathtaking setting for your sustainable celebration. Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of Chateau Canet. They champion eco-friendly viticulture, producing delicious sulphite-free wines, and actively offset their carbon footprint by supporting global reforestation projects. Plus, there’s locally sourced catering and eco-friendly products throughout the venue. So imagine exchanging vows amongst the vines, followed by a reception bathed in fairy lights or dancing under the stars in the Bohemian tent. Explore Chateau Canet and discover how to celebrate your love story and the planet in perfect harmony. Contact us today to secure your date for a truly unforgettable sustainable wedding experience!

5. Chateau Rigaud: Sustainable Elegance Meets Luxury in Bordeaux

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château rigaud soirée

Seeking a wedding that blends French elegance with sustainability? Nestled amidst Bordeaux vines near St. Emilion, Chateau Rigaud offers over two decades of crafting unforgettable celebrations. Sustainability is key here – geothermal heating and on-site composting minimise impact, while their thriving vegetable garden provides your table with fresh, local ingredients. Explore vineyards, unwind by the pool, or savor an ice cream bar – the possibilities for a unique and sustainable celebration are endless. Chateau Rigaud fosters lasting memories, making it the perfect blend of elegance, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences for your dream wedding!

6. Chateau Barayre: Sustainable “Boho Chic” Weddings in Dordogne

Chateau-barayre-french wedding-venue

Picture a laid-back wedding bursting with French charm and eco-friendly touches. Tucked away in the Dordogne countryside, Chateau Barayre makes it happen! This 12th-century venue has a “boho chic” style, perfect for a relaxed and unforgettable celebration. Plus, Chateau Barayre prioritises eco-friendly practices, using organic food sources and striving for zero waste to minimise your wedding’s environmental impact. Imagine saying “I do” in the romantic church or by the ancient cedar tree, followed by tasty bites and drinks in the flower garden. Then, celebrate under the stars in the charming courtyard, all lit up with fairy lights and long tables. Check out Chateau Barayre’s special offers and see why it’s the perfect spot for your eco-conscious celebration, filled with French charm and a chilled-out vibe!

7. Domaine du Trèfle: Rustic Elegance & Eco-Friendly Weddings in Charente


Immerse yourselves in rustic charm and sustainable elegance at Domaine du Trèfle! Nestled in Charente’s rolling vineyards, this 17th-century estate offers a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Sustainability is blooming here: their in-house florist creates stunning eco-friendly arrangements, weaving nature’s beauty throughout your celebration. Imagine exchanging vows in the grand courtyard surrounded by blooms, then celebrate with a feast under the open sky. Later, move the party to the charming barn, a transformed stable with a timbered ceiling and fairy lights. Explore more and discover the perfect blend of rustic charm, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences!

8. Domaine de Boulouch: Eco-Resort near Toulouse

Domaine de Boulouch, a South West France eco-resort, invites you to a multi-day wedding steeped in sustainable luxury! Eco-friendly from the ground up, this haven was built with eco-principles and utilises geothermal heating, prioritises recycling, and sources local food. You’ll be enchanted by the venue the moment you lay eyes on it, with its serene lake, lush greenery, and breathtaking views of the Gers countryside. So explore Domaine de Boulouch and discover an unforgettable blend of eco-conscious luxury for your dream French wedding!

9. Domaine Le Mezo: Sustainable Weddings & Eco-Luxury in Brittany

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domaine le mezo wedding

Picture a wedding steeped in sustainability and French charm at Domaine Le Mezo! Nestled in Morbihan Natural Park, this stunning estate feels like a welcoming family home with a grand chateau at its centre. But here’s the best part: sustainability is at the heart of everything they do! They use eco-friendly power sources like a biomass boiler and solar panels, offer electric car charging, and even have water fountains to cut down on plastic waste. 

Their dedication to the environment has even earned them a prestigious “Jeune Pépite Marque Bretagne” award, and they’re working towards the official Eco Label certification. Even the food reflects their values, with chefs using fresh, local, and organic ingredients to create an unforgettable culinary experience. So Explore Domaine Le Mezo and discover a luxurious and sustainable celebration for your dream wedding!

10. Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières: Sustainable Weddings & Biodynamic Feasts in Burgundy

Step into a fairytale wedding escape steeped in history and sustainability at Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières, nestled close to the famous town of Beaune in Burgundy. Exchange vows within the fortified walls of this historic estate, originally founded by Cistercian monks in the 12th century. The very stones tell stories of dedication and resilience, creating a truly unique atmosphere for your special day. The estate’s commitment to the land extends beyond its impressive history. Their biodynamic farm ensures fresh, local ingredients grace your wedding feast, satisfying both your taste buds and your environmental conscience. With plenty of ceremony options, including an Orangerie, vineyards and even a watermill, Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières is the perfect sustainable haven for your dream wedding. Find out more by clicking the button below!

11. Chateau Legrand: Eco-Friendly Weddings & Local Feasts in Burgundy

Picture this: saying “I do” in Burgundy surrounded by rolling vineyards and eco-friendly charm! Chateau Legrand, near Lyon, is all about celebrating local goodness: their farm provides delicious meat for your wedding feast, the vineyards offer their own wines, and you can even toast with local beers! We love how they’ve thoughtfully renovated the chateau, using traditional techniques and materials to create a warm and inviting space with modern comforts. Feeling torn on your ceremony spot? Choose from the charming chapel, a spot under the ancient trees, or the Auvent, a sheltered area with stunning wooden beams open to the outdoors. After the vows, explore the sprawling park (keep your eyes peeled for deer and squirrels!), then gather for a truly memorable feast in the fairy-lit Grange. Explore Chateau Legrand and discover the perfect blend of elegance, sustainability, and local flavors for your dream day!

Voila! Those are our top sustainable wedding venues in France, all providing a beautiful foundation for a wedding celebration that reflects your love and sustainability. But the journey towards an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t have to stop there. Let’s delve into some tips and tricks to weave environmentally friendly practices throughout your entire wedding planning!

Ultimate Guide to Planning an Eco-Conscious Celebration

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Here we set out our top tips for planning an eco-conscious wedding celebration. Remember, planning a sustainable wedding isn’t about achieving perfection. It’s about making conscious choices, big or small, that add up to a beautiful and environmentally friendly celebration. So pick a few that resonate with you and get ready to celebrate guilt-free!

Greening Your Wedding Stationery: Digital Save-the-Dates & Recycled Paper

Skip the paper trail! For a lighter footprint, consider sending electronic save-the-dates and online RSVPs. But if your heart is set on printed invitations, embrace recycled paper or even wildflower seed paper – a beautiful keepsake that guests can plant and grow!

Blooming Beauty: Local & Seasonal Flowers for a Sustainable Aisle

Skip the jet-set blooms! Locally sourced, seasonal wedding flowers are not only more affordable, but their shorter travel distances mean a reduced carbon footprint. Embrace the natural beauty of what’s in season!

France boasts a stunning array of seasonal blooms throughout the year. Here’s a glimpse into the floral treasures you could use throughout your wedding:

  • Spring: peonies, lilacs, sunflowers and whimsical ranunculus.
  • Summer: hydrangeas, roses, lavender and playful poppies.
  • Autumn: dahlias, calla lilies, amaranth and scabiosa.
  • Winter: Classic anemones, festive hellebores, amaryllis and evergreens.

Our eco wedding venues that prioritise local flowers:

  1. Domaine Du Trèfle: Nestled in sunny Charente, this eco wedding venue has on-site florists providing sustainable blooms!
  2. Domaine d’Egenia: This charming Provence venue features on-site floral arrangements and an organic orchard, ensuring your wedding reflects the season’s beauty.

So, skip the jet-set blooms and embrace the charm of local, seasonal flowers for a wedding celebration that’s both breathtaking and eco-friendly!

Decor That Doesn’t Cost the Earth: Reusable & Eco-Friendly Touches

Instead of disposable decorations, curate a collection of unique treasures. Imagine vintage finds whispering stories of past celebrations, or handcrafted macrame hangings adding a touch of bohemian flair. As the sun dips, string fairy lights across the branches of trees or use vintage candelabras!

château rigaud mariage decoration

But the biggest impact you can make lies in a small detail: ditch the traditional confetti. Instead, envision a shower of flower petals or even bubbles! Biodegradable and undeniably pretty, they’ll add a playful touch that celebrates your love and the planet simultaneously. This simple swap embodies the essence of sustainable weddings – small choices with a big impact.

Savouring Local Flavors: A Wedding Feast Made with Fresh, Seasonal Produce

Support local farmers and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a menu that features fresh, seasonal ingredients. Many French wedding venues pride themselves on sourcing locally. Work with your caterer to create a menu that reflects the bounty of the region!

wedding venue dordogne
château rigaud chef traiteur

Our venues that champion local produce (there’s plenty!):

  • La Belle Eco: Nestled in South West France, this venue uses permaculture practices and sources local, organic food for your wedding feasts. Plus, they even have a natural swimming pool powered by solar panels. It really is an eco-wedding dream!
  • Manoir Lebeau: This charming South West France venue grows as much food as they can and source all their meats locally.
  • Chateau Rigaud: Surrounded by Bordeaux vines, this sustainable wedding venue has a thriving vegetable garden and composts on-site, reducing the environmental impact of any food waste!
  • Chateau Barayre: A boho-chic wedding venue in the Dordogne serving up organic food and always aiming for zero waste.
  • Domaine de Boulouch: Nestled in sunny South West France, this eco-resort also serves up local food plus the whole venue is designed using eco-principles!
  • Domaine Le Mezo: This sustainable wedding venue has its own chefs using local, organic ingredients, all powered by a biomass boiler and solar panels – truly sustainable!
  • All our venues can connect you with local caterers who prioritise seasonal and sustainable ingredients.
French cheese tower

Drink Local, Celebrate Local: Sourcing Wines, Beers & Spirits from Nearby

Skip the imported drinks! Locally produced wines, beers, and spirits not only taste amazing, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Many French regions boast renowned vineyards and breweries – incorporate them into your celebration!

château rigaut style
wedding in a vineyard france

Venues with on-site or local wineries:

  • Chateau Canet: A vineyard wedding venue committed to sustainable viniculture, producing eco-friendly and sulphite free wines. Plus, they offset their carbon footprint by supporting global reforestations projects!
  • Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières: Surrounded by Burgundy’s vineyards, this venue caters to all your local wine needs!
  • Chateau Legrand: The estate provides wine from their vineyards, locally sourced beer and meat sourced from the chateau’s own farm!
  • All of our venues are located in France and therefore no matter which location captures your heart, you’ll have access to exceptional local wines!  

Let There Be Light (Naturally!): Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Skip the energy-guzzling lights! If your wedding is during the summer months, take advantage of natural daylight by having your wedding ceremony outside.

le rigaud wedding staff

String fairy lights in trees for a touch of evening magic, and consider incorporating beautiful beeswax candles for an enchanting ambiance.

french wedding rustic outdoor setting canet

Our Wedding Venues perfect for an outdoor ceremony:

The Beauty of Intimacy: Considering a Smaller Guest List for a Reduced Footprint

Consider a more intimate celebration! Fewer guests means less travel and a smaller environmental impact. Plus, a smaller wedding allows you to focus on creating a truly special experience for your closest loved ones.

Sustainable Wedding Dresses: Renting, Vintage & Pre-loved Options

  • Ditch the “one-wear wonder” mentality and embrace a dress or suit that reflects your values as much as your style. Renting your wedding attire is a fantastic sustainable option, with plenty of options to rent online!
  • According to Bridebook’s 2024 Engagement Report, pre-loved wedding attire has increased massively in popularity, more than doubling in the last few years! So join the trend and buy second-hand: Dressarte Paris, The Loop, Brides do Good, Still White, Loved Twice Bridal, Nearly Newlyweds
  • Choose a sustainable wedding dress brand such as Reformation, Gabriela Hearst, Wed
  • Or why not consider commissioning a bespoke wedding dress, that way you can ensure sustainable materials and suppliers are utilised throughout!

Rings with a Conscience: Exploring Lab-Grown Diamonds & Ethical Sources

Your wedding rings symbolise your everlasting commitment. Why not extend that commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability? Consider lab-grown diamonds, a dazzling alternative with a minimal environmental footprint. These stunning stones boast the same sparkle and brilliance as mined diamonds, but without the ethical concerns. If opting for a mined diamond, please delve deeper into the origin story. Research jewellers who prioritise ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices and avoid diamonds linked to conflict zones like Zimbabwe, Angola, DR Congo, Ivory Coast and Liberia. This ensures your rings not only represent your love but also reflect your values.

Measure your Wedding’s Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is all about understanding and measuring emissions and impact. So why not utilise this useful wedding carbon footprint calculator when planing your wedding to understand where emissions are heaviest, empowering your to prioritise sustainable alternatives.

Let’s be honest, some emissions are simply unavoidable. Especially for destination weddings in France, travel is likely a significant factor. So why not consider offsetting these emissions! This allows you to invest in projects that actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, effectively balancing out the unavoidable footprint of your wedding. So raise a toast knowing your celebration of love is also a celebration of our planet!

Ready to Start Planning Your Dream Sustainable Wedding?

Chateau Bee is here to help you create a celebration that reflects your love story and your values. For personalised advice and more information, please contact us at 00 44 (0) 1481 234 442, email or use our easy contact form to get started today! We also offer free, honest, and impartial advice to simplify your wedding planning journey. So let Chateau Bee help you turn your sustainable wedding dreams into reality!

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